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Weekly Contests

Solution The StarMan is part of a weekly contest we have here at ShowBiz Hits. If you go to your members area and click on "Weekly Contests" It will explain about the Starman Drawing as well as any other on site weekly contests we have. It will also have the previous weeks winners listed.

Additionally if you click on "Calender and Results" on the members menu if will take you to page that has all upcoming promos listed as well as previous promo winners.

Unless indicated otherwise upgraded members receive 2x cash prizes in joint promos. Weekly contest prizes are the same for all member levels.

If prize amt is less than $1.00 then it is added to your SBH commission account. Prizes $1.00 and above are added directly to your Paypal accounts. Please remember if you are surfing a joint promo that you must have surfed the required amounts at each site to be eligible for any winnings.

While surfing if you get a prizes page the credits, banners, texts or cash are automatically assigned to your account if you have clicked the claim here link on the page.

Click on the commissions link on your menu and it will show you the cash prizes you have won. If any of your referrals make a purchase, this is where you would see the amount your earned from them.

Starman Information

Keep your eyes open for the STARMAN page as you surf. You will be

able to claim 1 of these pages each day. ( Be sure to click CLAIM )

For those members that claim 5 + tickets (Mon - Sun), you will be

entered into a weekly drawing. Each week the prize amounts

will change depending upon certain factors from the previous week.

The STARMAN page will be set to show at a different interval each day. If

you miss it the first time it shows it will show again. ( Try not to miss it the

first go round as it will otherwise take twice the amount of views to find).

Prize amounts will be listed at the start of each week (Mon)

Upgraded members receive 2X cash prizes amounts for Promos with other

sites anf for "In House" Promos. Weekly Contest prizes are the

same for all member groups:)
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